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About Us

The Purpose

No one ever learns to ride a bicycle by reading a book about it.   They need someone to help them get on the bike, follow them, pick them up when they fall and make them try it again.

No one ever learns how a car engine operates by just looking at the carburetor, the crankshaft and the fan belt.   They need to see the engine at work, analyze what they see and make adjustments.

ReidSachs is a business consulting service that understands you and your business need active consulting – following you as you try something new; watching your business in action; and making recommendations to help you be more productive and successful.

The Founder

Paul R. Sachs, founded ReidSachs to share his experience and skills in order to help others succeed in the business world.   He has over 30 years of experience working with people in for-profit and Not-for-profit endeavors in the United States and abroad.

He has served as an executive director of a nonprofit organization where he has managed budgets as large as $40M.  In that experience he worked with program operations, fiscal operations, human resources, government and community relationships.

He is also a licensed psychologist for 35 years.  Thus, he brings a unique perspective to the consultation, training and mentoring he offers.

Paul is a published editor and author of 2 books, several book chapters and journal articles in the fields of psychology and governance.  He is an advisor and board member to one American based nonprofit and three West African based start-up businesses.  Again, Paul brings these experiences to bear on the consultation, training and mentoring he does.

Paul R. Sachs

The ReidSachs Difference

ReidSachs approaches business consulting with three principles:

  • Don’t take anything for granted:

    ReidSachs does not make any presumptions about you and your business, about what you know or what you need to know. Some of the biggest mistakes people make are caused by presumptions. There is always more than meets the eye. ReidSachs observes you and your business with a third eye and listens with a third ear to truly understand a problem and intervene effectively.

  • Where you are going is more important than where you have been:

    ReidSachs believes that people are motivated by the future not the past, by the goals they want to attain, not the ones they already attained. There is only one direction to move, forward.

  • If you are not learning you are not succeeding:

    At ReidSachs success is measured by what you learn. Knowledge is power. No matter what the outcome there are lessons to be learned which can apply to the next experience.

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