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ReidSachs Business Consulting in Ethiopia


ReidSachs consultation begins with an initial complimentary meeting to discuss the goals of consultation. After this initial meeting, a proposal is presented to address the issue(s) at hand. Some areas for project consultation include:

  • Developing a business plan
  • Building an advisory or governance board.
    Introducing a new product or service.
  • Creating an internal and external communication plan
  • Managing change or restructuring, including expansion and lay-offs
  • Developing a strategic plan



ReidSachs offers group and individualized training.   Each training will have learning objectives and methods of evaluating the effectiveness of the training at the conclusion of the formal training and in the months after the training.   This feedback will be used to tailor future trainings to your needs.   Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Building team collaboration
  • Change and conflict management
  • Managing personalities in the workplace
  • Creating community connections

Individualized training:  Do you have a special area of interest or concern in your business operations?  ReidSachs will work with you to create an individual training plan which includes didactic and interactive training, consultation and problem solving for one person or a group.


Some business professionals do not need specific training as much as a sounding board to discuss decisions and to examine their goals.   

Coaching is more than just having a companion or an advisor.  It is a goal directed intervention that is continually evaluated by the Coach and Coached. 

After an initial free consultation, we will develop a strategic plan including a time frame which will be continually reviewed.

Flexible Payment Arrangements.

ReidSachs will work with you to develop a proposal for the specific services and goals.  With that proposal, ReidSachs offers flexible payment arrangements.

Reciprocal Exchange Info session-March 2023
Reciprocal Exchange Info session - March 2023
Reciprocity Ring Exercise, SA - March 2023
Reciprocity Ring Exercise, SA - March 2023