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Change Management presentation to ROC Marketing Consulting, Lagos Nigeria
November 16, 2021

Change Management presentation to ROC Marketing Consulting, Lagos Nigeria

August 20, 2021:  Change Management.  Presented to ROC Marketing Consulting, Lagos Nigeria.

Change is an ever-present part of life.  The past 2 pandemic years have reminded everyone in the world how quickly things can change, and how important it is to adapt quickly to change.  Pandemic or not, change management is also one of the most difficult management tasks.   How can you lead change when some people embrace it, and others avoid it?

ROC Marketing Consulting, an independent firm in Lagos, Nigeria, invited Paul Sachs to discuss this question and some possible answers.  As part of the presentation ROC discussed how they assisted a firm in revising and refreshing their brand.  The process required an understanding of the goals and the market for the firm’s work.

Paul then spoke about change management, noting that there are stages of change – some are not even aware of it, some are contemplating it and some are ready to take action.  An effective leader must gauge each person’s stage of change in communicating with them.  It is also critical for the leader to create a sense of urgency – pointing out what change can bring about and what will happen if nothing changes.  Change is a continual process and therefore so is change management.  So, ongoing messaging and monitoring are key elements in leading a successful change.

ReidSachs LLC is available to provide training on change management to your team, to assess the readiness of your team for change and one-on-one coaching for the change leader.  Send us an email and let’s discuss how we can be part of your change management process.